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Atchafalaya Basin-Louisiana

“From the mouth of Courtableau to the head of the Cow island, the breadth of the overflow between the Atchafalaya, Opelousas, and Attacapas, is about eight miles wide. This space is an immense lake, for many months; the currents of the smaller Bayous are lost in the maze, and only remain distinguishable by the openings in their channels. The many lakes that mingle with the outlets of the river, and with each other, render this region most inconceivably intricate. It is with the utmost difficulty that the read channel of even the river can be distinguished from the number of outlets and inlets, that wind in every direction. The forest trees are indicative of an inundated country; such as swamp white oak, indented leafed red oak, bastard paccan, white wood, persimmon, cypress, though not abundant, some species of the thorn, a species of honey locust, and other aquatic trees.”--William Darby, 1816



Des Ourses Swamp


Upper Grand Lake


Opelousas Bay

Grand Lake