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Louisiana Delta-Lake Pontchartrain Basin

The 27th. At six o’clock in the morning we continued on down the river, in which I do not find bottom with 23 feet of line. Five leagues southeast of the place where I spent the night, I came upon a herd of more than two hundred cows and bulls on a point of land. Alg though we shot at them, we did not stop any. This point marked the way out of the river, which emptied into a lake 4 leagues wide, 6 long, oval in shape. I cut straight east, to where I could see the entrance to a river 2 1/2 leagues from the one I have just been following, which has been named for me. While crossing this lake I found 8 and 10 feet of water time and again and made my way to the river through which this lake empties, which is one-sixth of a league wide. I followed it for 2 1/2 leagues, going east-southeast. Here, on the left, I found a branch river 150 yards wide. From there I proceeded on my way for 1 1/4 leagues and came out on a lake whose shoreline runs west-southwest. We named it de Pontchartrain.”--Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville, 1699



Manchac Swamp



North Pass: Owl Bayou


Lake Pontchartrain: Frenier



Big Branch Marsh


Bayou La Loutre


Bayou Bienvenue