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Louisiana Delta-Terrebonne Basin

"Bayhous D’eau Bleu (blue water), Derbane, Grand and Petite Caillou, Bayou Peau de Chevreuil and Bayou du Large, all rise in the wood section of the parish of the interior of Lafourche, their courses a little east of south, nearly parallel to the Lafourche. Not having a great descent, none of these streams have much current. The land on their banks is excellent, and where sufficiently timbered and elevated, must become very valuable. Most of those lands remain public property; and have be surveyed under the orders of the United States government.”--William Darby, 1816


Marmande Ridge

Falgot March at Theriot  

Bayou du Cade  




Bayou Grand Caillou

Bayou Petit Caillou

Bayou St. Jean Charles  


Bayou Terrebonne at Madison Bay

Lake Barre

Timablier Island