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The Flood of 1993-American Bottom- Illinois

"The 'American Bottom' commences not far below Kaskaskia, and stretches along the eastern shore of the Mississippi eighty miles, terminating a little distance below the point which is opposite the mouth of the Missouri. It is from three to six miles wide, and divided into two belts. The first, bordering the Mississippi, is a heavily timbered bottom. The next, reaching to the foot of the perpendicular bluffs, is prairie of the richest quality, covered, in the season, with grass and flowers. Parts of this tract have been in cultivation with the exhausting crop of maise for one hundred years, without apparently producing the slightest exhaustion of the soil. No description will convey an adequate idea of the power of vegetation, and the rank luxuriance with which it operates along this plain of exhaustless fertility.”--Timothy Flint, 1833



Muller's Cypress

Fountain Creek







Virgil's Corn





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